Лига радиолюбителей Украины


Rig Expert

Dear Friends,

We have come to the final decision to withdraw our sponsorship of the WRTC-2022 championship.

We can in no way understand and accept the WRTC-2022 organizing committee's intention to conduct business as usual with russia, the state which has unleashed the world’s biggest war of aggression in the recent 80 years with almost 2000 km of the front line, with heavily damaged civil infrastructure of Ukraine, dozens of thousands of civilian victims, millions of refugees, hundreds of thousands of hectares of fertile Ukrainian soil mined, natural reserves devastated, millions of tons of Ukrainian grain stolen…

It is why the evidently manifested neutrality of the championship organizing committee towards the absolute Evil currently represented by the russian federation – the country where 8 out of 10 adult citizens support the war and murders committed by their country - is unacceptable for us.

We are unable to find reasonable and ethically justified explanations for such an organizing committee’s policy. This approach invalidates the efforts of many people and postpones peace, and gives confidence to the aggressor that everything can still be resolved in Europe as if no war is going on and no responsibility arises for it.

We strongly believe that the modern world has no place for neutrality left, as it always works in favor of an aggressor and forces of evil.

We call on other WRTC sponsors and participants to support our position and the position of other sportsmen who decided to boycott WRTC-2022.

Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd.